Q: Alternator going out? Or wiring, belt or fuse? on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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When driving for 10 min. or so the check gages light comes on and the voltage gage goes down to 0. Truck seems to run fine. After shutting off the motor and then restarting, everything is normal again. It used to happen just occasionally, now every time.
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Not a fuse! Have charging system checked when acting up. Read voltage at the battery terms. should be around 14v. Possible alt./wire or computer problem. Voltage is regulated by the PCM. Have it scanned for codes. Belt should be squealing if it is the problem. Battery ever get weak?
Thanks for responding. No, had the battery and alternator tested and both were good. No trouble starting or anything. Voltage reads around 13 - 13.5 when running. Is ther a place to have the codes checked that wont cost a lot?
Advance or Autozone will do it free. Record all code numbers and post, we will advise. When gauge reads near 0 that is the time to check batt. voltage, or is that when it was checked? Any other inst. panel problems?
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