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Q: alternator doesn't charge battery on 2002 Dodge Stratus

the alternator isnt charging the battery. i drive 20 miles and then my battery is dead. so i will have to take the battery out and recharge it. i had both the battery and the alternator replaced two weeks ago. the problem still persists.
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Bring it back to the shop that replace the battery and alternator as the alternator or battery could be defective.
Going online for the answer is not beneficial to either you or your mechanic.Without a proper diagnosis you are just throwing money at it seeing if it sticks, pay for a diagnosis.We can't check your car online and don't know it's service history unless you have carfax. Find a reliable shop and stick with them. you'll thank me later.A good mechanic can have it diagnosed and fixed in a couple of hours if it's not too major. Save the headache and hire someone.
I am in the same boat. I have had the starter, battery, and alternator replaced, and still the battery doesn't charge. I drove it for 30 minutes straight and when I turned it off, it pretty much wouldn't even click trying to turn it back on. I have had more than one mechanic look at my car. The first one said the starter. I changed it. The next one said the battery was bad. Bought a new one. The last one said the alternator needed to be replaced. So I changed it. It seems like one way or another I am just throwing money at it and hoping it sticks...
did you ever figure out your problem why the battery kept going dead?
I am having same problem
it is very possible that your pcm is bad. the dodge stratus computers control the voltage regulator in the alternators. if you have checked your fuses under the hood and the fusible link on the red wire going to the alternator and taken the alternator to the parts store and it tests good, you may need to replace your pcm computer. gw
did u ever get the problem fixed? ihave the same problem new battery alternator is good new pcm battery still wont charged...need help
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus and the same thing is happening. Its obviously known for this vehicle. I don't think ill ever own another dodge again. I have bought a new battery and alternator $240 later and problem is still happening.. the alternator is not charging the battery. Took it to firestone for a diagnostic test and the thought it could be the PCM so the manger wanted to test it anyways out of curiosity put the PCM in and it didn't change anything. So i don't believe it is the PCM I don't know if it could be the Terminal indicator lamp i don't know where that is even located under the hood ....has anyone figured out anything else ?
Did you ever find out what the problem was I am in the same boat new pcm new battery new alternator $1000 later same problem
Make sure at least 12v gets to the batt.cbl. post on alt. This activates the alternator. There is also a wire in your alt.plug which must have some voltage.The L. terminal-indicator lamp.The alternator will not charge without voltage present at L. Note:your vehicle may vary terminology. But the principle remains.
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