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Q: alternator belt on 1994 Volvo 940

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how to change the alternator belt ??
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Loosen the tensioner bolts, remove old belt, install new belt and tension accordingly with the tensioner.
You can do it; it's not that hard to learn how, and each new project; within reason, will boost both your understanding and confidence. One caveat for the alternator; on any vehicle: CAREFULLY DISCONNECT the BATTERY cable ends from the battery. Wrap some DRY rags, temporary tape or a physical blockage between the cable's ends and the battery posts that they were attatched to to prevent a circuit. You WANT there to be no circuit, for the time being while you work on it. It's just a generically wise precaution that only takes a moment. The real reason is that full battery voltage is in those Alternator wires and connections. If you get the alternator too loose and it falls against any easily available could potentially not just ruin some electronics; but LITERALLY SMOKE THE WIRING HARNESS BEYOND REPAIR; MAYBE BURN UP THE CAR, the shop the house and people in it. This is NOT an attempt at humor, this is NOT A DRILL- No joke.

You see, many years ago... um... ah.. this FRIEND ; yeah it was a friend of mine; because I have always been too wise to have been so careless...Let's just say the Journeymen circled very excited wagons and worked like a team to have QUICKLY saved the rookie's behind by finally getting the battery cable ends unhooked from up on a ladder because the car was up on a lift. I... I mean mY FRIEND was in a not so unflustered mode of panic from all the smoke pouring out from under the hood and all those really nasty smells. It was my first ... i mean my friend's, first "real" mechanics dealership job. I was not so ...I mean my friend was not so popular for a while, as the car was a BRAND new one. I must have been a hard...I mean my friend must have been a very hard working and sincere soul they didn' t fire me; I mean.. they didn't fire "my friend". Unhook the battery cables when you are doing ANYTHING related to electricity; including messing with the alternator belt. The purchase of several Service manuals will be a great help. If you can't afford one this minute, BEFORE YOU DO ANY MORE WORK, go ask the referance librarian for the SELECTION of pertinent chapters in SEVERAL books, and be sure to COPY the parts you need ( like appropriately adjusted belt tension; how to get a feel for it, how to ( and why, it's important) to not get it too tight; not too loose, either. You can do it; just be sure to never be afraid to ask BEFORE you jump in without a clear understanding... like ...this ...friend of mine...
Does anyone know the length of that belt - mine is broken, and I am at the cottage, with no dealers around, only a semi-open local gas station, that have some such belts.
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