Q: also my car doesnt crank right up like it used too before i had to get engine on 1996 Volvo 960

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The constant beeping in my do i make it stop...i understand clearly its an electrical problem however isnt this draining my battery as well??? how do i fix this?? also my dashboard lights dont work can that be fixed too?
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It can all be fixed, but what bothers me is it coincidental or was something forgotten when the repairs were done. Take it back to the shop and ask them to correct it.
thank u and hes actually on his way now to look at it. he keeps saying its the fan that needs repair...however untill its fixed i have to remove the cables from the battery when im not operating it to keep it from draining the battery...
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If the fan was the issue, it wouldn't work. My question would be why is it getting powered from another source, it can't power itself internally.
ok so he adviced me to remove battery cable when the vehicle is not operated untill he can fix the electrical. wiring and the fan
and also ge showed me before the car was even cranked the fan was coming on then as well
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