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4047 W Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Allied Service Center has been serving the Las Vegas Valley for nearly 40 years with expert technicians, a knowledgeable customer service staff, and AAA approved auto repair that's guaranteed nationwide.

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Allied Service Center
October 07, 2010

I found these guys through AAA after I experienced some problems with my car on a trip from California. I was impressed by their customer service. Also, I noticed that everyone there was experienced and knew what they were talking about. They were very busy but still took pity on my situation and diagnosed the problem quickly. They even helped me get the job warranteed through NAPA so I did not have to pay very much at all. Oh yeah, they took me to and from my hotel. I would recommend my family and friends.

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Allied Service Center
August 18, 2010

While being in Las Vegas a light came up on my dash board. Without knowing what it was I called Allied Service Station. They told me that if light looks like a battery, that might be an alternator or some loose wire. And even if I need to replace Alternator, it'll cost me (most common case) $300+ dollars total. But they will check everything before doing it. And their site said - Free Estimates (http://www.alliedservicecenter.com/why-allied)

So when I came, they wouldn't even look at the car without me signing a paper saying that I will pay around $80 for the inspection. Once I signed a paper, someone took my car around the corner into their garage, so I didn't really see what happened after that. And all I said that some kind of light came up on my dashboard. About an hour later Mike (looked like an owner and the guy who was talking to me all the time) said that they did an extensive test and it is an alternator and it definitely needed to be replaced. I asked how much will it be and he answered that in order to tell me they needed to disassemble everything since there are 3 alternators in my car and they wouldn't know which one.

So, after a while Mike told me that it is NOT the most common one 90V that it is 120V and it'll cost me over $600.00. And since I didn't have much choice according to him, I agreed. About a couple of hours later, they replaced it and then for anouther 30 or 40 minutes they said they ran some kind of tests to make sure I can drive home safely.

Well, I paid and drove away. And to my surprise the light was on again. I came back right away and fairly agitated pointed out that my problem is still there (after $632) and needing to get back home the same day. Mike said that I better come down or some how magically, every technician will either be busy or leaves for lunch and I'll be waiting for several more hours. Then he went with me to the car, and we drove around the block and when he saw the light (my original problem), his words were - "Oh, this is just a coolant, give me a sec, we'll fill it up". And they did and in no more than 2 min, everything was finally fixed.

And when I asked him why did they replaced my alternator, he came up with some kind of story that he thought it was defective. And then I asked for my old alternator he refused give it to me..

This is by far the worst service I've ever seen in auto repair shop. So, do not be fooled by their seem politeness and knowledge - it has nothing to do with their work. That's how they get you in and g-d help you after they get you in.

Well, well and here is my response. It is a complete lie. What I told them (and by the way notice they never tell you their name) is that I have a light on that looks like a battery, but i am NOT a specialist. And this light is actually was Coolant Light. Yes, a stupid mistake on my part that they would be able to tell me if they choose to. But they saw a person whom they can rip off and they did. So I guess if you know exactly what is going on you might go there. But be aware if you miss anything you are for a lot of trouble. They know exactly what to do with you. They have been in business for a long time and know how to lie really well.

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Reply from Allied Service Center -  AlliedSeptember 01, 2010 10:36


Here at Allied Service Center we do try to make everyone happy, but sometimes no matter what we do, it does not work out. In this particular case, our customer, Mr. Alec Bargman, asked us to look at his alternator on his BMW because his battery light was on. We did so and the alternator failed the test. As well, we recommended he replace a cracked drive belt to insure a safe trip back to California.

After authorization, we removed the alternator and showed him the differences in BMW alternators and he agreed to have us do the repairs. After any repair, we always double check our work, and no problems were found. Mr. Bargman retrieved the vehicle and returned immediately with a litany of profanities and a demand for refund.

Of course we rechecked the vehicle right away to learn there was no light on. To make sure, we did go on a road test with the customer and a light did go on, but it was the cooling system light. Now he claims the alternator light was never on and therefore the alternator did not need replacement. Also, at no time was Mr. Bargman denied his old parts back. The practice of not offering original parts back to the customer is forbidden by Nevada State Law. He was simply told that he would be responsible for the core fee.

Taking him at his word, we have arranged to have the original alternator retrieved from the Bosch Corporation and tested to determine exactly what happened, but he demands a total refund, regardless of the results of the alternator test.

This test will answer the important question of: was the alternator light on?

Unfortunately, this customer owns an internet marketing company, which I will not name at this time, and threatened to post negative reviews both personally and through his employees.

As well, we offered to have AAA arbitrate this issue, but Mr. Bargman has said no to this, or any third party intervention, the alternator test, and all reasonable efforts to help him. He has also attempted to stop payment on his credit card. Again we are disappointed, but we can not make someone happy who attempts extortion through negative reviews.

Finally, as soon as we receive the findings of the alternator test, we will post the results here so that consumers may decide for themselves.

Thank You,

Allied Service Center Inc.
Serving Las Vegas Since 1976

UPDATE: September 1, 2010
AAA has intervened in this matter to help the customer with his concerns and as a AAA Approved Repair Facility, we must abide by any decision AAA makes. In this matter, our position is that the alternator light was on and the customer's is that it was not. Therefore, arrangements were made to have the original alternator returned from the Bosch Corporation and independently tested. The alternator failed the test and the documentation has been forwarded to AAA. We hope this alleviates the customer's concerns and appreciate the opportunity to respond publicly.

Allied Service Center
April 03, 2010

Actually, I first came in wanting them to change some parts without them diagnosing, but after listening to my problem, they convinced me to let them check it out. I'm glad they did because the other shop was completely wrong. As it turned out, the repair was far less than I thought it would be so I asked them to bring the maintenance up to par. Almost forgot...Larry & Sandy are great!!!

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Allied Service Center
February 03, 2010

A quick thank you is in order here. I took my Nissan Altima to Allied after the dealer and another shop kept my car for a week. They had it back to me the next day for exactly what they said it would cost. The problem was solved because they checked the Nissan Bulletins and did not waste my money guessing. THANKS!!!

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Allied Service Center
September 25, 2009

It's nice to finally find a shop that cares if people are happy and use their service again. They just made it easier. I brought my car in, they took me to work, called me with the estimate and finally fixed my 2003 Malibu which had been to three other shops trying to get fixed. They did recommend some other maintenance but were not pushy and told me that I could wait until I could afford it and didn't try to scare me. When the car was finished, they sent a driver over and picked me up. What a relief to be driving without worry! Thanks...

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