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Q: All doors stopped working. on 2006 Honda Odyssey

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Remote would not unlock car doors, discovered that the car battery was discharged. Jump-started car and recharged battery. Discovered that lock/unlock switch on drivers door would not unlock or lock the doors, and that rear door switches did not work. Also discovered that the remote could not unlock/lock the doors or open/close either rear door. Had previously experienced a problem with the car alarm going off erratically and had to disable the alarm.
For the alarm issue , at least, have the pass. side sliding door panel removed and check for corrosion at ground points in door harness (lower forward section of door) faulty ground can cause resistance drop and the security system will see that as an 'intruder' and set off the alarm. Can also cause issues with keyless entry. Found that spot as a 'common' issue on several '06 &'07 model year Odysseys.Also , after seeing your reply to answer #1 , Did you check the pass. side fuse box? That one has the fuses for the sliding doors.Did all this occur after 'Sandy'?
I checkeed all of the fuses that I thought should be checked, none were blown. I did find water in and around the drivers side fuse box and am concerned that there may be water in the connector blocks above the fuse box. We did have some heavy rain in the area with heavy winds. I'm going to use a hair drier to try to dry up the water in around the drivers side fuse box. I'm not sure that I identified and checked all of the fuses tht needed to be checked?

Ran a hair drier pointed at the drivers side fuse block for about three hours, everything started working, operation of the door lock/unlock switch on the drivers door and the passegener sliding door switches on the dash all returned to normal as did the remote key control. Water had gotten into the car the previous day after a heavy rain with a lot of strong wind. I'm taking the van to a Honda dealer tomorrow who will try to determine how the water got into the fuse block and connector blocks.
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