Q: Alarm system self engaging at anytime. on 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

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my alarm system is self engaging when I start my car,when I turn off my car, when I'm sitting at a signal, and at times won't let me start my car because it engaged as I put he key in. And at times when car is warming up, it will sound a series of beeps. I have a new battery, new ignition, and alternator is fine.
When I go to shut my do, as it makes it past the tension spots to hold the door, all the doors will lock.
How much is it going to cost to have an electronic guy work on this? or what can I do?
(1) Answer
We had similar synptoms. I drove with window down so i could unlock ca with spare key should the alarm engage and trap me in vehicle. Our solution were to replace old wiring in door as they were getting pinche and breaking. No problems since