Q: AirMatc sign keeps coming on on 2001 Mercedes-Benz S430

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time to time i get a sing AIRMATIC stop too low what could be the problem and i see the front has gone down
(2) Answers
I just had the same issue in my 2001 S430. I was able to avoid a costly strut assembly replacement because my strut could be repaired for nearly 1/2 the cost. Make sure your mechanic checks to see if yours can be REPAIRED vs. REPLACED. If the strut isn't holding air and the leaks are at the TOP of the strut, it can probably be repaired. I also had to replace the pump because the motor burned out working overtime to keep the car raised.
Not sure, but there will be some diagnostic fault info stored in the control module, retrieve this info, get a repair manual ( and it will help you to answer your question.