Q: air/heat panel runs intermittantly on 1999 Honda Odyssey

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air/heat stops, all lights go out, then in about another few miles, it comes back on and everything is fine until the next time. It's as if there is a loose wire. It's not just the high pressure switch on the a/c, because it happens to the entire panel. Anyone know what this is?
(2) Answers
It's tough to diagnose these type of things over a computer. It's not something I have seen in the shop. Clearly there is some type of interruption in the power supply to the control panel. If this happens on a consistent basis then it can be diagnosed by following the wiring and checking the connections with the help of a wiring diagram. Sometimes a visual inspection will show the cause if its a loose connection or the connection is corroded. There could be an issue with the control panel internally that would cause this issue. A sharp tech with good electrical skills should be able to pin point the problem if it acts up consistently.
I have the same problem, I took my van to dealership and they said ignition switch, it was recall 2002.