Q: air suspension warning lights comes on after the first start. on 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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When not driven for a while then comes off after restart.when driven regularly the light doesnt come on.
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You may have a leaking air shock, that sags over night. Every time you start the engine the air suspension does a self-test and the suspension pump runs to level out any of the shocks. If a shock sags too much because it is leaking air, then this will set a code and turn the air suspension light on for awhile.
The car sits evenly even when parked for a while (a week or more) and no noticeable change in heights. The lights comes on when driving after this long period of unuse but turns off after a few re-starts. I did notice that the car don't hiss and lower or goes up after I park. How do I check to make sure the air suspension /auto leveling function still works?