Q: Air suspension issues on 1994 Lincoln Town Car

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I had a 1990 Lincoln LSC, the compressor didn't work. However, there was an air nipple and I could fill the suspension MANUALLY. I have a 1994 Lincoln Town Car, with the same problem, (the fuse is ok), is there a way to fill the rear suspension the same way? Can't find the nipple to do the same with this car. Don't know if there IS a way to fill the suspension manually........ NEED HELP. This compressor won't even make a sound, one on the LSC would at least run, but not fill.
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Save yourself time, money and headache with this air stuff... Call

I bought a conversion kit for my DeVille and got away from that air suspension system all together! I love the ride! My wife loved the price! It comes complete with instructions for installation and I have to admit it wasn't hard at all. If you can do a break job you can install this kit.

They have a great customer service line too. They will help you decide the right kit for your vehicle. Give them a call and get rid of that air once and for all.
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