Q: Air Suspension Failure on 2004 Buick Rainier

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The air suspension leveling system in the Rainier has stopped. Checked the fuses, blown so replaced them - blows every time. The rear end is riding on the tires, is there any way to inflate the air bags and keep them inflated? M Mansfield
(3) Answers
no there is no way to keep the bags inflated without replacing the affected part. It sounds like one or both bags may have small leaks and caused the air supply pump to burn out. You will need to replace the pump and bags at the same time to repair it correctly. If you check on some of the aftermarket parts at your local truck shops that sell and install aftermarket items like mag wheels and running boards etc. You can ask them about a spring kit made to replace the bags that have failed. They do make spring kits for these vehicles because of the very high cost of the air supply pump and bags. The spring kit may be half the cost of the factory repair parts.
You can buy an air shock T that is used on after market air shocks. The air T is only 15 dollars. Cut the air lines at the compressor and add the air lines to the air T and manually add air.