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Q: Air Suspension Control Module on 2003 Ford Expedition

Where is the air suspension control module located in my vehicle?
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The control module is almost never the cause of air suspension issues. What is the problem with your Expedition?
Thanks for the response. I have an 03 expedition took to to dealer they said it was the module,compresser and passenger side bag and strut. nothing is working even the message center on the instrument cluster is not showing air ride on or off and no air suspension ok comming up.
I'm a bit concerned about the message center not saying anything. But otherwise - like I said, the control module is usually not at fault.

I think it's wild that they condemned so many parts at once! Perhaps they were able to verify it all by swapping a "known good module" Not sure. I would suggest being wary.

Most often, the compressor and compressor relay are faulty on these trucks.

Perhaps a second opinion is in order?
Thank you again for your help. I bypassed the compressor and it did seem to kick on. I haven't been able to test out the compressor relay though. I am pretty baffled too. How would I know if the relay is bad? Is there a reset button or something? Thanks
No reset button. I can't tell you about your module from here, for sure. But I can tell you that every Navigator and Expedition from the early 2000's that I dealt with that had air suspension problems ALL needed a relay. OK, maybe 95% since it's from recollection. It's probably $140, though, so as a guess it's not a great idea. I would just suggest that second opinion.
Hi--- I have a 2003 Expedition with similiar issues.. but I do get messages on message center.

I do not get any DTC codes... I can Jumper the Relay and get the Compressor to run as well as the relay is will operate when I trigger it Manually. I checked the 12 Volts from Fuse F-20 and 27 to pins 15 and 1 on the Control Module and Pin 5(when ignition in on)-- All check well.... I checked the #2 pin for a trigger Voltage reading that comes from the Control Module and get NOTHING.. I know that Doors or Tailgate being Open will Interrupt the Air Suspension Operation ----Any Thoughts on What else will Keep Module from operating the Air Suspension...
The compressor relay is a very common failure on this vehicle. If you used a jumper on the relay and it worked - I think you have your answer.
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