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2000 Ford Expedition Question: air suspension control module

where is the control module for the air suspension located? -
Answer 1
Could you tell us if it has the 4 wheel air suspension or only at the rear wheels? Also, post an e-mail so I can send you some diagrams - unfortunately I can't post those here. Zee -
Comment 1
rear wheel only. mendez.steve@gmail.com -
Comment 2
Check your e-mail. Zee -
Comment 3
I am not sure its an automatic leveling system came with the tow package.Its 2 wheel drive automatic transmission. The motor to the suspension stayrd on inturn drained the battery. Had to have it towed. Brand new battery once again battery dead and abs light on. Also brakes funky like hard to stop vehicle. codes came up to replace module and oump. -
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