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Q: Air suspension: 2003 allroad Audi --- Urgent , please help --- on 2003 Audi Allroad Quattro

My friend got a 2003 Audi Allroad and recently replaced the air shock.

His symptom is the air shock light will suddenly show blinking while driving. The light has four levels. Usually he drove at 2nd level (from bottom to top). However, I experienced one time I saw the (L1 & L2 & L3) blinking together. And, the compressor is pumping. Sometime, he parked the car, he found it lower to touch the ground at next day. But, he did replace the air shock. Now, he is trying to put on L4 every time parking. Most scary is the compressor pumping while driving. It could lower down to the ground and get damaged.

Is anyone familiar with the situation or knowing how to fix?
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The compressor runs or should run every single time you start the car and begin to drive -- it is pressurizing the reservior air tank located inside the left storage panel of the trunk. It starts once you exceed ~30 mph. Once the tank is up to pressure it will stop.

The air suspension system will automatically lower the ride level based on speed. Level 4 to 3 at 20 mph, level 3 to 2 at ~50 mph, level 2 to level 1 at 80 mph for more than ~90 seconds.

It is normal for the compressor to come on many times during driving especially if you are in stop and go traffic or lots of lights -- the air suspension system re-levels every time the allroad comes to a sustained stop, and will also reset to the level the ride was set to at startup -- except level 4 which must always be manually entered.

The compressor will also run frequently if you drive very spiritedly with lots of hard cornering or body roll maneuvers -- the ride adjustment system adds and releases air from the suspension to maintain proper stability. This depletes the reservior and necessitates compressor running.

If the compressor runs all the time and the ride remains low, it is likely the new air shock was improperly installed, or another shock is leaking. Then again, sometimes if you turn off the car before it is finished self leveling -- an air valve can remain open an bleed all the air from a shock. I drive an allroad.
It's a good idea to get a repair manual if your going to work on your own vehicle, and it's never been easier or less expensive to get a high quality manual. Try and you can have one in minutes, for less than $30.00. Read up on the job you are about to perform, it will show you what special tools you will need and you will be much better prepared to tackle any job on your vehicle
It sounds like the air compressor for the suspension is faulty. Although you can hear it working and the car lifts up/down, there may be a breach in it causing it to leak. This is especially more true if you see the rear suspension is down vs. the front. Try using a soapy solution on the fittings and see if you can identify the air leaks.
sounds like he needs a conversion kit, there are so many problems with air suspension now days. I converted over to a conversion kit with because there offer comes with a lifetime warranty. I paid 997.00 for lifetime warranty and if i fixed it the other way it might last me a couple years and put over 3 grand in it. I wasn't about to pay that much . You should try STRUTMASTERS :)
when did Strutmasters come out with a conversion kit for the Audi.. I have a 05 Audi All road Quattro and my air system failed and i haven't had the money to fix it yet,
a few months ago.. the conversion system is the best thing i did. Lifetime warranty and its a lot cheaper than going to the dealer.. its not the fact its cheaper tho its actually better because the dealer doesn't offer a warranty..
Great thanks!! now i can see what i can do for my Audi. I miss driving it! :) thanks Emma

ill let you know how it works out on here!
I don't know your situation but I live in Denver Colorado and I drive in weather. I bought struts used for $80 from an A6 @ and I only had to open up the lower mount's to get them to fit. My rears still hold so it makes for an attractive rake! I still have a light but DAMN it is sexy looking! I have pics if you are interested. Don't fall for the expense of a replacement system. My research for drivability and function said Do it, do it, do it!
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