Q: Air sound with brakes and engine surges on 2004 Honda Pilot

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When I press on the brakes I hear an air rushing sound, also the engine will start to surge off and on continuously.
What is happening, what could be wrong?

?vaccum hose? power brake booster?
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The brake booster has a big hose connected to the intake manifold supplying it vacuum to give you power assisted brakes.
Does the engine idle fine when you are not applying the brake pedal? If not pinch off the hose going to the booster if the idle is fine your brake booster check valve is bad.
Do the brakes seem to have adequate brake pressure or does the pedal pressure required to stop the car seem excessive or seems to require more pressure than it used to to stop the car?
It sounds like thew brake booster is failing.
If the brake booster hose has fallen of the engine wouldn't idle, if the brake booster check valve was bad the idle would be rough and the brake pressure required to stop the car would be excessive.
If you feel the Pilot is safe to drive get a mechanic to look at it should be obvious to him.
brake booster!! my chrysler lhs did the same thing when i pushed the brakes ot was hard to and i also heard the air under the pedal....replaced the booster and it now works fine
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