Q: air shocks jacked up to top on 1998 Cadillac DeVille

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my rear air shocks are pumped up to the top so the back end is jacked up. the dealer has already replaced the sensor switch and said it is probably the pump. doesn't sound right to me.
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Typically, the compressor pump has a vent valve on it that allows air to come out of the system. If the vent is not working, the system will raise but never lower.

The only problem I have is the "probably". Nail them down for a diagnosis - there is no "probably" here; it's a cut and dry system.
thanks for the quick response. My problem was when I first asked them to repair it was that they didn't know or couldn't guarantee me they knew what was wrong in the first Place. Now it has been quite a while so it is too late to get justice as I would see it. I will bookmark this site and recommend it to all my friends
yes I don't want to spend the money right now. I have always had problems with this dealership
I'm just concerned that you could damage the components if you continue to drive. Then, a pricey problem becomes ridiculously pricey. Just try to minimize the driving until you can get it going. Good luck.
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