Q: Air Pump on 1990 Ford F-150

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My air pump bound up, and I got the pulley to turn again.I put some transmission oil in the pump and it smoked for awhile, but it turns free now.But my engine light keeps coming on saying oxygen sensor.I replaced the oxygen sensor 3 times now but the light still comes on saying oxygen sensor.What could be the problem?Does the air pump have anything to do with the oxygen sensor?
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The air pump needs to be repaired it is going to seize, A1Cardone will overhaul yuors or they are probably relative cheap from a local source or or Napa.
The Os sensor should not need to be replaced so frequently, they are pretty reliable. Things that kill an O2 sensor are silicon, antifreeze or oil contamination or leaded fuel.
I forget if it is that model Ford but some Fords allow oil to drip onto the oil sensor itself at every oil filter change. The O2 sensor must "breath" where the wires go into the top of the metal part of the sensor for the sensor to operate properly. Air pump and O2 sensor problem are not really related. Has your truck more than one O2 sensor? Are you replacing the right sensor. They are frequently designated B1S1, B1S2, B1S2, B2S2 is the truck has four sensors. Bank 1 Sensor one is the cylinder with number 1 cylinder and refers to the front sensor.
No the truck has only 1 O2 sensor on the passenger side.I did see some anti freeze dripping on the wires going to the sensor.