Q: air in engine on 1991 Toyota Previa

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air trapped in the cooling section make the engine check light come on. how do i get the air out.
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what code do you have?? OBD 1 does not have the capability to do this. air is there for a reason. take it to a shop for a cooling system diag and the light as well.

he guy isnt asking to go to the repair shop he wants to know what to do
take out the reservoir tank and make sure the lines are clear
they tend to plug up
then to make sure drop the two bolts on the thermostat under the motor by the
oil filter -put it in a pan on the stove heat it up watch it open before the water boils
boiling water opening means it not opening soon enuff. put it back-
then start up run at high speed wih cap off turn on heater full blast
fill to full done.
Thank you so much for your responce. It seems no one either knows or wants to work on this van.. i think is is a wonderful machine and would like to know it.
i have tried three t-stats, and two set of sensors but i still get that light. I will double check my codes again and get back with you.
I have no problem with the heat. i have three sensors. one for the temp guage, one for the water temp, and one for cold starting. Is it possible to purchace bad sensors. I did have a clogged metal line that ran from the sensor plenum over the top of the engine back to the resevior. It was a small line, i replaced it with a rubber hose.(temp/perm fix). Is there another water jacket/port on the back side of the heads that i should check for flow..

Thanks so much for your advice.