Q: Air conditionor keeps cycling on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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I just replace the compressor and condincer charged the unit leed it till oil started the recharged it gets cold but if I charge it till the blue it stops has to be in the green but it keeps cycling when it stops pressure reading goes up running goes down gets cold the fair cannot figure it out cycles about every 10 sec
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What are you referring to when you mention "Green" and "Blue"? What are the high and low side pressures when the compressor cycles off? Why were the compressor and condenser changed?
I was told they were bad when I bought the truck and even after we tryed to charge it only hot air so I replaced them the person I bought them from had a invoice from the dealer sayiing both were bad cannot tell you the reading will be able to put the hose on when I get home from work and see the readings