Q: air conditioning problem on 2000 Nissan Altima

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air conditioner works sometimes. when it doesn't it's after using it then stopping car and the return trip it will not cool or takes moer then 5 mins. to work. can you help.
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Rudy: My wife's 2000 Altima has the exact same problem. I called my son in Georgia. He is a Nissan Platinum Master Tech. He told me it is probably the A/C Relay. It is a little blue box type of relay inside a black box on the left side of the engine compartment. He told me that it would probably cost between $120 and $130 to have the system analyzed, but the relay costs between $20 and $30. It may be worth while to just get a new relay and pop it in. If that solves the problem, you have saved a lot of money. If it does not solve the problem, you will need to get it analyzed anyway, but it is worth the try. I'm going to do that to my wife's car. Glad I have a Toyota. It runs better and far fewer problems, but don't tell my son that! Best Regards,
Well, Rudy, I tried it and it worked! All I changed was the A/C relay for a total of $23.32 and it solved the problem. You may want to try it too.
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I would like to thank cliff1366 for his help.
Cliff that was the right answer. Here in Texas
we use the A/C just about all year long.
Thank you, Rudy Quintanilla Jr.