Q: air conditioning on 2005 Kia Sorento

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my car made a horrible smell, i turned around and parked it for a few days, the smell is now gone but the ac doesn't work, it just blows hot air at me.... i on't know if this is related or not...any ideas/known issues about the ac in my sorento?? We just had a new baby and can't afford to spend much to fix it.... i may be going w/out ac this summer
thanks a lot : )
Kristina Figary
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It sounds like to me the compresser bit the dust just like they all do in Kia. The smell was the clutch on the AC compresser burning up. Replace the AC compresser and your smell will be gone and the air conditioning will work again. Be sure your mechanic checks for leaks as if you had a leak the oil for the AC system may have leaked out causing the compresser to fail.
Thanks guys. turns out it was under warranty, and yes, it was the whole compressor :-)
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Your Kia may only have one fan belt that drives the power steering and alternator as well as the air conditioning. Have someone look at the fan belt to ensure it is not damaged due to the air conditioning compressor or belt tensioner seizing up (this would cause a burning smell and high pitched noise as well).
If you leave your air on when you turn offf the cart at the beginning of "air con season" It will smell terrible when you first turn it on for several minutes. Turn the air off before turning the car off and you won't get the smell.
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