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Q: air conditioner not working on 2003 Toyota Corolla

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At first, the ac would work, then not work, etc, while driving without shutting it off or on-just started and stopped on it's own. Freon checked, not the problem. Now, ac doesn't work at all-mechanic says maybe loose wire, probably not compressor, but needs car for some time to check it out. How much should the compressor cost, if that is the problem. Also, 80,000 miles, 8 years old-worth it?
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wow, no guessing here. let him check it out for you and give you a bid.

a compressor is about 300
labor 1.8 hours
dryer 45
labor 1 hour
evac and charge 150

is it worth it? up to you, can you replace the car for this repair??

thanks for using repairpal

If your car was checked and the compressor was found to be working, there is no need to buy a compressor (it is a very expensive part). On another note, in addition to a loose wire, a clogged orphice tube can also cause flow restrictions. As for your cars value. No one can answer that for you. Its a judgement question. If you want a new car, and can afford a new car... I think you should get a new car. If financially, a new car is unrealistic and you need to buy a used car, then I think if the ac is your only trouble, stick with it. You know your car, what you have and have not done, and what it needs. On a second hand car.... there is always a question mark.
Im not too far from you. If you want to pass by and have me take a look, it would be my pleasure, no charge. Just mention RepairPal....
Mechancially yours,
I just had this issue. I replaced the relay. and the blower fan resistor. It lasted about 3 days. then it started blowing warm again. the problem is, the compressor is down at the bottom. open to water, and the elements. The compressor is the issue. Although it is working intermittently and may work for a time. Look for Brown powder around the clutch. this is an indication that the clutch is weak. Just like a brake pad. if no visible sign is evident, check the ground screw on the compressor. and its wire. this has been a common problem also.
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