Air conditioner not working on 2004 Toyota Corolla

At 106K miles, my air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Tech said it was a mechanical problem. How serious and how expensive will it be to repair.

by in Flower Mound, TX on April 19, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 19, 2009
I presume the fan blower works. The air conditioning compressor has a low pressure switch to protect it from working when the air conditioning pressure drops bellow a certain point. If the system looses pressure the system has a leak and it must be located and repaired prior to just replacing the R134 refrigerant. Air conditioning work is expensive. A shop can't really estimate the cost of repair until they know the source of the leak. The problem can be mechanical or electrical. To diagnose the system repair shop will probably start with a one hour estimate for labor.
COMMENT by on June 20, 2010
I have the same problem. Took it in to a local shop to have the problem diagnose and it turn out that the condenser has a leak in it. It cost me $400 to have it replaced. It took about an hour to diagnose the problem and two more hours to fix it. Labor was $160 and the condenser, R134 freon, oil, and tax was $240. I hope that this info will help others with the same problem.
COMMENT by on December 06, 2010
I had this problem as well. I took it to an independent mechanic as I have little trust in DEALERSHIP SHYSTER SHOPS! It ran me 450-500 or so to replace some stoopid SENSOR or something. I'm old school. Keep computers in the house, NOT IN CARS!
ANSWER by on September 05, 2010
Call you local MB sevice dept and refer to this Recall Information. Inform them that your year model is having the same issues. You may be able to have the repairs completed at no cost. If your MB dealer's service dept Is not receptive, contact MB headquarters. I'm having the same problem with my MB and will call MB this week. Campaign No. 2004070010, October 2004 Revised November 2005 TO: ALL MERCEDES-BENZ CENTERS SUBJECT: MODELS 215/220, MODEL YEARS 2000 THROUGH 2001 INSTALLATION OF BLOWER MOTOR WIRING HARNESS This revised Recall Campaign bulletin 2004070010 supersedes previously issued Recall Campaign bulletin 2004070010 released in October 2004. It contains new and updated Special Tools information on pages 4 and 6. Please destroy all previous Recall Campaign bulletin versions.
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