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Q: Air conditioner electrical or Power Control Module on 2000 Honda Accord

This is what happened. Months ago my air conditioner works fine, then the led lights on the buttons (air circulate, AC, directional buttons for your feet or defrost...ect) started to flickering on and off. When it flickered off the AC wasn't cooling but the air was still blowing, when the lights was on the AC cooled just fine. Eventually everytime the led lights would flicker off I would tap it with my finger and it would come on and stay on for a while. Now the light has not come back on and the AC does not cool and the heater does not work either. I was told it might be the Power Control Module but I don't know. I know that my AC and heater works fine, it has to do with the electric and the led lights associated with the buttons. Does anyone know what this is and what I need to do to fix it? I can take the front piece off but I was told if I unplug the radio I may need a code from the factory to get to work again when I plug it back in. can anyone give me some assistance or guidance? thanks Ken
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I just had the same problem...all of a sudden the lights went is a/c...Also you are right even when a battery is replaced, the radio needs a code to rework..It's tough to get info from factory about code - its supposed to be on the paper work - but some does not ..-best go back to dealer...V
Hey, I bought the face of the air conditioner for $80 from a junk yard and just replaced it. Its working for now but it still shuts off from time to time and turns back on. But it does seem its the face place unit. I'm not sure what this is happening or what;s making short out but it's really aggrevating especially in hot Florida!
so nobody know how to fix it? im having the same problem. i thought it was my fan. so i replace it and now its spinning fine but still no led light or cold ac.
I have same question, (Sort of). I have a 98 LE and the A/C is coming on and off when it wants. I mean it won't work for a week or two then it will kick on or if you happen to think of trying to turn it on at the right time it will; Most of the time it doesn't. It's off way more often than on. It were I live it was 111 degrees last week it's getting bad. Any ideas or help? has anyone had this problem? I've seen a lot about the a/c modulater but thought if it's bad the a/c would be off perminantly until replaced. is this true or can it short intermittently?
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