Q: air condition does't work on 1997 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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air condition does't work,when I dirve hit a hole,
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I wonder if hitting the pot hole caused the belt or tensioner to loosen. The tension on the belt is pretty tight and perhaps it is totally coincidental. I guess look first to see if the drive bet is still on the air conditioning compressor. Do you hear the air conditioning compressor switch on (with the engine running) when you turn on the air conditioning from inside the car. Get a friend to turn on and off the air conditioning while you listen with the hood open engine running you should hear a clicking sound on and off each time the a/c is cycled on and off or the a/c clutch is not locking up the compressor. This may be due to many things (bad clutch, bad compressor, no power to controls or compressor clutch) but it could be a sign of low charge the system has a low pressure switch which prevents the system from being energized if the system has low refrigerant charge. By protecting itself it prevent catastrophic failure of the compressor and ensuing damage to the rest of the a/c system if the system looses it charge. You will need to have the system checked out by someone experienced in air conditioning work who will attach pressure gauges to your car and see if the refrigerant pressures are OK.
The time my air switch didn't work my brother said to check the fuse. There are more and bigger fuses under the hood. It was a 9.00 part and I went with out an air acd/heater for over a year and half, and I live in an area where we get alot of snow. The fuse box under the hood in located on the driver side, right above the front wheel well. I hope this helps and I know what you mean about alot of word that have no help.