Q: Air condition on 2001 Nissan Sentra

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First thing in the moring or after car has cooled down when I start the car turn the air on and put into gear it will squeal till the car heats up. I was told that could be the compressor is that right. it of course will stop wants you turn the air off. I did put some belt dressing on it and it isn't as loud. I have no problem with the car cooling with the car on put it squeal till it heatd up on a cold start.
(2) Answers
The problem sounds like a loose or worn belt. If the noise goes away after running awhile and the A/C is cooling well, then it's pretty safe to say that the Compressor is not causing the squeal. I think if you replace the belt and adjust properly the noise should go away. If it continues to squeal then you may have a compressor problem. By the way, I would look at your other drive belts (alternator, power steering) and replace as well if worn. Will save money to do them together. I hope this helps!
Ron (AutoPros-Buford GA)