Q: Air con stops cooling when you accelerate. At idle, works fine. on 2010 Dodge Avenger

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Recovered Freon, evacuated for 1 hour recharged. Fans are working fine. Pressures good.
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how much acceleration? these are designed to cut the a/c clutch off at full throttle("peddle on floor")
Normal acceleration in traffic. Car not moving, anything above idle. Noticed at 1200 rpm to 2000 range at least. If rpm is held at 1500 to 2000 rpm, air will stay warm and pressures high as if compressor off. Once back to idle eventually compressor starts pumping. I'm aware of peddle to floor.
can you verify that the compressor is running at all times? have someone in the car holding the throttle,
while checking to see if compressor is staying on or cutting off..
clutch is one that's on all the time. It is controlled in back by some offset valve. Works on demand. There is a switch with two wires that operate it. P.S. I really appreciate your time and imput. I'm very sorry for not responding a lot sooner. The only other info I have is an aftermarket alarm was installed way prior. Customer said that problem started way after. I'm wondering if electronic accelerator has anything to do with it. Recap: Can idle all day and A.C. works great. Above idle, compressor quits.