Q: Air compressor to inflate my tires does not come on on 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS

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Compressor was just working fine yesterday now the back of the truck sits low and the compressor dosent come on
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I think you might be talking about the compressor that inflates the shocks on the truck. Some of these trucks have air suspension that levels the vehicle, this would cause the rear end to sag if something goes wrong in the system and the compressor doesn't kick on or the air leaks out. Do you hear the compressor kick on? If not I would have a professional check it out there are several components in that system that can cause the compressor to not kick on, including the air bags that act as the shocks are leaking. They are rubber bladders and can develops cracks. If this is the case the options will be to either replace the broken/damaged/worn component or look into installing an aftermarket kit of remove the air suspension.
Okay I took out the fuse for the air suspension and put it back in. The compressor kick on but now the air pump switch does not come on can it be the switch or is there a relay on the compressor it self??
There is a relay in the system, when you say the air pump switch doesn't kick on I am not sure what you mean? Can you hear the compressor running? If the compressor is running then the switches and relays are working. If the air bags are visible I would see if they are inflating when the compressor comes on.
Where is the fuse for the compressor? I looked in the fuse box kinder the hood and I can't figure out which fuse it is.