Q: Air bag light in dashboard comes on and off intermittently. on 2003 Hyundai Elantra

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The check light in the dashboard comes on and off for no apparent reason for the air bag. No particular times or braking or acceleration. What should I be looking for first?
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it comes on for a reason. the most likely problem is the clock spring. a shop needs to pull the code and track it down.

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Hi Roy, Hi "csubak30"
I just looked for TSB's for SRS related problems don't see any relevant TSBs. As Roy said likely to be the clock spring. Not sure how far back there information goes but once you get codes stored, Hyundai as a car manufacturer put a lot of free technical information and workshop manuals on line for Hyundai owners. Check out lots of great information.
I see you have answered a lot of questions for people, if you need instructions once you get the codes stored I will email the information you are looking for.
just put Repairpal in the email heading.
take care
Pat M
Thank you very much. I will get on it as soon as they stop working me 12 hours a day!! At work right now even. I will check that site out as soon as I can.
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