Q: air bag light comes on when first starting the car on cold weather days on 2008 Ford Fusion

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how can this problem be corrected. or is this a Fusion problem in general
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IF you turn the key to 'on' (not start) does the airbag light come on then go off after about 7 seconds , and stay off?
it stayed off one time this morning. initial start. at lunch back on and off then tonight it came on and stayed on
Best bet is to have a shop with a scanner (needs to be compatible with Ford SRS) scan and see what the fault code(s) is. Any battery problems recently? ....... Remember, when light is on (primary , not pass. airbag) the system is disabled. It is NOT the passenger airbag light , correct?
It is the passenger seat airbag light that is on. code is B2290.TECH RECALIBRATED THE SEAT AND CLEARED THE CODE.Battery is fine. light was on this morning going to work. To night going home it was off.
Do you have an owners manual , or did the TECH explain how the pass. side functions differently from the drivers side?
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