Q: air bag light on 2000 Porsche Boxster

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I had an electrical short in the wiring harness from the relay box to the brake switch; The air bag light was affected. A couple of the wires that burned, made contact with the wire going into the dashboard display and the light for airbag was turned on by the burning wires toching it.
I replaced the burnt wires and now the the light stays on. Do I need to go back to the dealer to reset the computer because the falt is in the memory?
The cause of the problem was the rear brake light wire in the harness shorting. I'm the third owner and I guess someone someone in the past years, put a cheap fuse that melted it's plastic casing like Shrink Wrap, making the two prongs come together and keeping a constant closed circuit. If you know DC current, it gets hot, fire very fast.
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