Q: air bag on 2002 Porsche Boxster

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I just like to know if a code from air bag can be eraze by disconnecting the module,I trigger the light while replced the w/regulator,by mistake I turn the switch on with the bag unpluged
(3) Answers
For safety reasons, you need a scan tool capable of reading and clearing the Air Bag codes. I say safety reasons, because, the DOT ( Department of Transportation ) wants the Air Bag light on until the code is truly and properly repaired even if it was accidentally set, as in your case. This is also true for ABS codes. One reason for this is to prevent used car lots from selling defective, unsafe vehicles.
Try turning the key to the on position and then depressing the exhilarator pedal for 11 secs or more. If that does notwork you should have the professionals with the computer software diagnose it and make repairs or reset. $170 bill.