Q: air and heat only blows out of the ac vents. on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500. ac and heat will only blow out of the ac vents. no defrost or floor heat. does anyone know what may cause this. thank you.
(2) Answers
i have had this problem for 2 years on 2003 ram 2500 5.7hemi, i decided it was time to do something about on a recent trip i almost melted my face tring to keep feet warm lol, so i pulled all the plastic i could off the bottom of the dash glove box drink holder radio climate controls and a couple more pieces, i located four electric motors that move the doors that direct air flow (dodge does not use vacumms for their climate controls)i took the motors off and opened them reminds me of a garage door opener with a babny worm gear and all, the gears had got jammed or like crooked in their housing so i took them out put them back in with new lithium grease reinstalled and now have heat defrost and air. temp and and the slector control work perfect alot of work but did not cost me nothing but a 12 pak i thought it was the blend doors the dealer told me the same but all bs
sounds like vent selector is stuck in 1 position. check under the hood and under the dash for any vacum leaks, thats what controls the selector.