Q: Aftermarket parts reliability on 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback

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An outer Front CV Boot is leaking grease after 7300 miles and less than 2 years. An aftermarket complete axle assembly was installed on both front sides. Would OEM part likely fit and be more reliable as opposed to aftermarket parts on the Subaru? Our original axle assemblies lasted 110,00 miles.
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Subaru's are known for C/V boots leaking it's much cheaper to install the axle assembly on labor. Some are so easy you could do it yourself.
your right, also the quailty of the reman axle is a question too. Ive purchased some new axles that made overseas that have been decent.
Be careful about getting so called "after market" parts. This could mean that you are receiving junk parts from a junk yard in lieu of new OEM parts. This is a scam that insurance companies have been using for years to increase their profits. You are paying for new parts with your insurance payments and have a right to have new parts installed.
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