Q: aftermarket a/c unit. on 1994 Jeep Wrangler

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ok, when your sitting still at a red light or in a parking lot it cycle's on and off. when your moving it's ice cold for 110 degrees outside. I have replaced the old tempture control switch, i have put on a heavy duty fan clutch, i have changed hose's, i have put a shroud fan in front of the condenser, it's charged to 1 1/2 lbs of R134A I have flushed the radator, and the block and refilled with antifreeze. someone has said it need's a low pressure switch, but i think that is working fine.!!! What should i do?driving me crazy!!
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I am pretty sure this one has electric cooling fans in addition to the belt driven fan! They should run with a/c on.... check that out.... If not equipped... consider installing helper fan!... Hiway speed = ram air.... sitting still fan(s) got to take over to keep a/c compressor running!... It's called compressor 'head pressure'!