Q: After running a diagnotic test why after 48 hours my abs and traction light on? on 2002 Jaguar S-Type

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I have had my #2 coil and spark plug replaced by a professional, now my abs and traction light is on not even 48 hours from getting it fixed. I was told there was a diagnostic test ran and that is why I was advised to fix the coil and spark plug. If it was actually ran would the abs and traction light been detected? Could it be related to the fixing of the spark plug?
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2 separate systems. if there was no abs failure at the time, then there would no reason to check that system.

most likely a sensor failure at one of the wheels. you will need another diag on the abs, this time. does not sound like he did anything wrong. if he did, the light would have come right on after the repair, not 48 hours later.

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