after oil change engine shuts off while driving on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

after oil change enging shuts off while driving;ignition wires and spark plugs were change 6 months ago; 5W-30 (advance auto brand) was installed; oil drain plug was not replaced during the oil change

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Check the obvious first, check the engine oil level and other fluids under the hood, How far had you driven after the oil change when the engine stopped running? If the engine had run out of oil you would have experienced a loss of power and knocking sounds prior to the engine having stopped running .I hope it was purely coincidental that the engine stopped running after you had had the oil changed. It could be one of many other random and unrelated things that caused the engine to cut out/stop running.
what happens after if you run out of oil and you add it back in how you can fix it , will this have further consecuencies.
i had the same issue after oil change last week, i changed both the engine/auto transmission. just after about 40km drove after the change, the RPM started to drop intermittently for 10-20 seconds while I was speeding at 80km. anyhow the engine did not kill. (No engine warning lights whatsoevr ) An hour after that, I stopped for about 15 mins. When I put on the reverse gear,at low idling mode the engine went dead. Reignited 3 times than ok. No issue during high speed driving. Today the issue came back, engine went dead while i was slowing down at the junction /traffice light - but this time, all warning lights on, i had to shift to neutral and reignited. Any relations from the oil change to these issues? As it never happened before the oil change. Please help. (car model = Nissan N16 - 2005)
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My Nissan March car behaves similar to this , could anyone of you send me a reply to the mail if you find a solution tothe above mail