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  • Jason Malo, Manager
  • Established 2006
  • 3 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 2 ASE Certified Auto Technicians
  • 47 Years of Car Repair Experience

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56 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer January 02, 2017

Satisfied as always.

by - Verified Customer December 26, 2016

Very trustworthy!

by - Verified Customer December 20, 2016

Very Friendly staff !!!

by - Verified Customer December 16, 2016

Went in for an oil change and they did an overall check on the vehicle and found that the differential pinion was leaking. Because the vehicle is still covered under Toyota warranty, I was able to get it fixed at Toyota at no cost thank you

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by - Verified Customer December 13, 2016

Quality work. reasonably priced and above all honest!

by - Verified Customer December 12, 2016

Service was great!

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by - Verified Customer December 11, 2016

Advanced Auto does high quality work at reasonable prices. They're honest and dedicated car care professionals who treat every repair like it's their own car.

by - Verified Customer December 09, 2016

Excellent work, professional attitude.

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by - Verified Customer December 09, 2016

Excellent work and communication through every step of the process! Thank you!

by - Verified Customer December 09, 2016

Love the people, but the place is getting pricey. If you don't have their coupons you pay the same or more than the dealer.

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by - Verified Customer December 08, 2016

I wish they could have found and fixed the problem the first time! They first charged a 'diagnostic fee' just to even look at the car, then did not even find the main problem until after a couple days and $$$ in other, more expensive work. They finally fixed it after several more days in the shop. The engine now runs and idles unevenly, and the steering wheel now squeaks; both are new problems since the work was done. When I paid for the work I said my husband and I were not happy and no previous mechanic had ever charged a separate diagnostic fee. The guy told me to have my husband call him.

by - Verified Customer November 29, 2016

We have used Advanced Auto for years and find them knowledgeable, reasonable, and professional.

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by - Verified Customer November 28, 2016

These are good people .... they try hard and mostly they get it right

by - Verified Customer November 25, 2016

Excellent service...consistently!

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by - Verified Customer November 25, 2016

Advanced Auto Performance does fantastic work! Quality of work and customer service is outstanding.

by - Verified Customer November 25, 2016

Excellent service...and they are consistent in providing that level of service every time I need them.

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by - Verified Customer November 24, 2016

Work was performed on time and at quoted price. Always courteous and a pleasure to work with.

by - Verified Customer November 21, 2016

It was just a basic oil change but still a great experience. All the guys are awesome. I hope I never have to go there for major repairs but if I do I know I will be in good hands.

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by - Verified Customer November 20, 2016

Good service for agreat price.

by - Verified Customer November 20, 2016

I will gladly return to Advanced Auto for future service.

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by - Verified Customer November 18, 2016

I always have a great experience here. They never pressure me into getting anything done that is unnecessary.

by - Verified Customer November 16, 2016

The guys were friendly and professional. They noticed things the last shop missed but didn't pressure me to have them done.

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by - Verified Customer November 13, 2016

Good professional work for a fair price.

by - Verified Customer November 13, 2016

Excellent service.

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by - Verified Customer November 09, 2016

I always get treated with respect!

by - Verified Customer November 04, 2016

Always treated with cheerfulness and respect.

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by - Verified Customer November 04, 2016

I usually deal with Travis and he is always very courteous and explains everything to me. He does not treat me like I don't know anything and he is very straight forward. I like that.

by - Verified Customer November 02, 2016

Travis was amazing! I broke down in the area while driving through for work. He made me feel at home - and I was sitting in their lobby for several hours. If I had to break down anywhere, Advanced was the best place!

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by - Verified Customer October 31, 2016

I've been using advanced automotive since I moved to Douglas, wouldn't go anywhere else,honest, fair and extremely knowledgeable.

by - Verified Customer October 23, 2016

These guys are the best.

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by - Verified Customer October 16, 2016

Best service.

by - Verified Customer October 14, 2016


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by - Verified Customer October 10, 2016

Our appointment was a follow up to a ongoing issue. The dealer told us we needed to replace a sensor at a cost of $2700. Fortunately advanced is knowledgeable and realized that the possibility of it being
Something else. Repairs made....1k miles and no lights or issues !!!! Yes !!

by - Verified Customer October 09, 2016

5 stars .. friendly, professional atmosphere with a staff of mechanics that really know their stuff !

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by - Verified Customer October 07, 2016

Great thorough service. Explained everything for someone who doesn't understand cars. Willing to work with customer on all ends.

by - Verified Customer October 04, 2016

A quick emergency tire repair- the fellas slid me in, did a full correct plug where I'd taken a nail. I was out in 40 minutes, and a day later I'd driven 400 miles without incident.

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by October 03, 2016

Great help.

by - Verified Customer September 30, 2016

Excellent as usual.

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by - Verified Customer September 29, 2016

I needed an oil change and Paul got me in the same day I called, very thankful for that because I never know when I have to work.

by - Verified Customer September 28, 2016

Very nice to work with, and always felt like I was in good hands.

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by - Verified Customer May 24, 2012

They are absolutely awesome. They do what they say they will do. The don't try to sell you anything you don't need.

by - Verified Customer May 16, 2012

If there is anything wrong, I would take my car back there in a heart beat. Those guys are good.

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by - Verified Customer May 02, 2012

Most professional and honest. Willing to explain anything that's needed. Does not pressure. The best repair shop I have come across.

by - Verified Customer May 02, 2012

Very nice to me, very pleasant, fantastic repair job. I would recommend it to anybody, and I already have.

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by - Verified Customer April 25, 2012

Jason and Luke are the best. They are extremely professional. I really, really, really enjoy having them as my mechanics and everyone I've sent there has been extremely satisfied.

by - Verified Customer March 29, 2012

They ended up noticing a problem that I had at a different repair shop. They brought me into their bay and they showed me exactly the issues that were happening, and they told me to go back to the other place and have them fix it because it was their mistake, and they gave me the paperwork. It was a very good experience with Advanced Auto.

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by - Verified Customer March 27, 2012

They did a decent job and they answered the questions. They were good. I asked them to not put the computer on in the cab because I knew what was wrong with it but they put it on anyway and didn't charge me. They did more than they had to.

by - Verified Customer March 27, 2012

I love them up there. I really like everyone up there. They are really friendly and knowledgeable. They are really honest.

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Our assessment of Advanced Auto revealed three technicians, each with over ten years of experience, two of whom are ASE certified, one of whom is an ASE Master Technician. They also employ a transmission specialist. Advanced Auto, a family owned business, understands that car repair can be stressful and will do everything possible to make their customers feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with their service experience. They offer a shuttle service if you find yourself in need of a ride and should you decide to wait while your vehicle is being serviced, wireless internet access is available in their waiting area.



  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Sales/Repair
  • Transmission Repair
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We are a full service, automotive repair and maintenance shop serving the Uxbridge area.

We are a friendly, clean, and efficient shop. We understand that sometimes car repair can be stressful and we do everything possible to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with their service experience.


  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
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  • Smart
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  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
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Questions Answered by Advanced Auto
There is more damage to the suspension due...
Hi Dennis1981,

The best way to get an accurate answer is to contact your preferred Hyundai dealer. Since Hyundai is in control of what is covered and what is not covered, a Hyundai dealer is the best one to ask. With that being said, if you don't get the satisfaction you want at the dealer level, it would be a good idea to speak to someone in Customer Satisfaction at Hyundai of America.
it but it is still not working ?
If the suggestions that stevieray1 suggested are more than you want to tackle, the best solution is to find a qualified, local repair shop to help you perform the electrical testing that may be required.
All functions controlled by directional ar...
Hi EverettAndrews,

It sounds like there is some type of electrical issue that is causing all of these problems...possibly internal problems with the multi-function switch (directional arm assembly), a hardware or software issue with the BCM (Body Control Module) or some other electrical issue. I quickly checked for TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) on this issue from Volvo. There are several TSBs related to electrical issues that sound similar but not exact. I would recommend having a shop that you trust perform the required diagnostic testing so that you can avoid guessing and spending money on incorrect parts.

I smell antifreeze after car has been runn...
Hi kmwmac,

There are many reasons this could happen. If there are no obvious signs of leaks on the ground, the best option would be to bring the van to a shop you trust and have them perform some diagnostic testing on the coolant system. Sometimes by just having the van on a lift and knowing the common issues to look for may be enough to figure it out. If the cause is not obvious at that point, the shop may need to perform tests such as a coolant system pressure test, combustion gas test, coolant flow test, etc.

We have seen many problems with the coolant tubes on these vans rotting out and starting as a slow leak but becoming a gushing leak very quickly if the tube rots all the way through...this is especially common on the vans that have rear heat.

Since problems with the coolant system can go from minor to makor very quickly and can get quite costly to repair once they become major, I would recommend having a professional look at it sooner rather than later.

Tried console button to open fuel tank lid...
Hi KatMcG,

Is there any reason that you think the MIL is related to a loose gas cap, or were you just checking the basics? The MIL will illuminate for thousands of different reasons...the only way to really know why it is on is to use a diagnostic computer to check the code(s) and then perform the diagnostic test(s) required for the code(s) that are turning the MIL on. If you are not a trained diagnostic technician, your best bet is to bring the car to a will obviously cost you some money, but in the long run, it will save you lots of headaches, money spent on replacing parts that may not need to be replaced, and will save you from possibly causing damage due to driving the vehicle with worn out/failed components.

Advanced Auto, Inc.
Needs to pass inspection but engine light ...
Hi Carleeta,

I 100% agree with Greg's Orange Auto! Your best option is to have it properly diagnosed by a quality repair shop. They will be able to determine if the problem is caused by 1 or more of the Oxygen sensors and/or if it is in the oxygen sensor circuit. Anything in the circuit could be causing the could be a sensor, one of the electrical connectors, a wire, or even the software or hardware in the computer...the only way to tell for sure is to perform the required diagnostic tests. Using a professional shop will save you the headaches of wasting time and money guessing at the correct fix.
My steering wheel does not shake the car j...
Hi Miked14,

There are many reasons this could happen. We've had many complaints from customers recently about shakes and vibrations. A lot of the problems were due to snow build up inside the wheels which makes them temporarily out of balance and causing a vibration or shake. Check for snow build-up in the wheels as a first step. If that isn't the problem, it would be best to have a qualified repair shop inspect it. With all of the damage to the roads, there's a good chance that there may be damage to one or more of the wheels, and/or damage to suspension components. Since there is a chance that the issue may be safety related, I would strongly recommend having a quality repair shop check it out for you.

Advanced Auto, Inc.
The 4WD selector switch and the 4WD actuator are both common failure issues on this vehicle. The best solution is to have it properly diagnosed by a professional technician...proper diagnostics does cost money, however, it will ensure a proper diagnosis and will often save money and frustration by having the proper repair performed the first time.
I have a 97 Crown Vic P71 (4.6L). My batte...
Hi Davepsycho,

Ford products often have complicated alternators that are very finicky...the regulators in the alternator are common for failing and they often test good under certain conditions and only fail under specific conditions, so they can be a little tricky to diagnose...they are often integrated with the PCM (yours may not be due to the age...I'd have to do some research) point is that sometimes they require more in-depth testing than the basic tests that the parts store offers. As far as starting with a battery replacement, that probably isn't the best idea, because if the alternator is indeed faulty, it will most likely damage the new battery. The best solution would be to have a qualified shop/technician do some testing to identify the actual cause of the problem, so you don't waste money changing parts that may or may not be bad.

Note: There is a chance that it may not be a battery and/or an alternator...sometimes it could be a wiring issue (due to mice or other causes) or it could be a PCM...proper diagnostic testing by a qualified technician/shop is the best next step...
If you look towards the top of the webpage, there is a link called "Estimator"...if you enter your vehicle information (Year, Make, Model), it will provide you with a price range. The range for that repair is $364-490. We've compared many of our actual estimates to the estimates that the site provides and we've found it's usually very accurate...there is no way to get a 100% accurate quote without having the vehicle on the lift at a shop, but the price range on this site is the best that we have found. (Note: Keep in mind that there are things that can change the price once the vehicle gets to a shop...things like rust, misdiagnosed problem, etc. A top notch shop will always advise you of any changes in their estimate as soon as an issue is arises.)

What are the symptoms? Have you already had a professional shop diagnose your concern? Do you know for sure the power steering pump needs to be replaced?

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