1993 Acura Vigor Questions

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I have tried to turn the car off and on . Is the problem electrical.
car is misfiring at 3000 rpms & it wont shift unless gas is released & the engine knocks when is idling.
I already changed plugs & cables.
SRS- im assuming means service?
Sometimes while driving the speedometer will show 40 mph when driving 30mph?
where do I put the transmission fluid? In my Acura vigor 1993. It's low.
where is the cold start valve or injector on a 1993 acura vigor
I have a '93 Acura Legend 4dr that just ticked over 200,000 miles. Today the A/C blower quit in 90+ degree heat. It looks like the blower fuze is a 40 amp located under the hood. The 40 & 50 amp fuses are inside little individual plasic boxes with clear tops. I can't figure out how to get at it to check if it's blown. There's a heater control 7.5 amp fuse under the dash that is not blown. I saw a Q&A post on about R&R of the blower motor. Sounds straightforward enough, but impossible for me right now as I just had my left hip replaced 5 weeks ago. In fact, I need to drive 8 hours from Alabama to SC next week for my post-op doctor's check-up. Does the clear top pop off the fuse? Do I need to remove the screws on each side? What are the damages if the dealer needs to replace the motor?
Car will move forward but not backward.
Oil Leak by my timing belt how much time would it cost to repair this?
I need to know why the head lights go off at night when driving down the road. How can I replace the light switch?
We have 2 wires that arent connected after we changed valve gasket
Recently I have noticed that the tachometer keeps going up and down while driving. suppose i am going more than 100km and it' at 3, all of sudden it would go down to 0 even though i am going at 100 km, some times when i start the engine, it never moves, it stays at zero even when i am driving. at that point cruise control does not work, or engine keeps shaking, any idea??
Speedometer jumps when only going 25mph and car starts to hesitate
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