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The car has sat a lot outside for over a year. It hasn't started for 6-7 weeks, 2 weeks ago it started, I filled it up, next day it wouldn't start and hasn't since. The car cranks, but won't start. Battery replaced 5 weeks ago. Lights on are check emissions, check TPMS. Took it to a mechanic, he said the main computer won't communicate with the diagnostic machine. My friend thinks its old gas and I should put dry gas in, the mechanic thinks it could be anything up to the main computer. The original main computer was replaced around 60k, so this is the second. Any thoughts would be very helpful.
So after changing the alternator for my car. Everything seems to be running fine and shows battery is charging. However, the electric charge indicator light stays on. Please help!
1st, battery 2 yrs, warranty. Acura Replacement about 2 yrs. Acura would not replace. Third battery (8 yr warranty) , 2 1/2 yrs. 4th one this month. Average length of use, about 2 1/2 yrs. Is this normal? Could there be an electrical problem since new?
A few months ago, my navi had an error message to contact dealer. I researched, found a you tube video describing a solution (clean lens). Did what it suggested and didn't work. I found that you can send navi to alpine for $365 for repair. The car is not even 6 yrs. old for me to have to spend that kind on $ to have it repaired. Warrany not valid anymore Dealer charges $400+ to repair. Anyone have a better suggestion?
Lights will come on however if you depress the switch on the light. I replaced the bulbs it worked once then quit.
The highway noise is terrible. Just bought new tires hoping it would help. It did not help at all. Just improved the ride.
the car rear brakes have never been replaced--37K
Much to my surprise, my TSX does not lock the doors when I put the car in drive, nor does it open the door locks (it does put the overhead light on) when I stop and place the car in park. Two dealers were also surprised to learn this when I inquired with them. Is it possible to " retro-program" the system to automatically open and close the locks without human intervention?
My 2008 TSX started making a sort of high pitched "whoop!" sound when the AC is running on number 1 or 2 setting. I thought the noise was only audible from inside the car but you can also hear it from the outside as well, quite embarrassing at a red light. however, i had it in to the Acura dealer and notified them of the problem, and just like all other mysterious car noises they could not get it to do it. Any ideas on what this could be??
can you use 87 octane in 2008 TSX? would it effect the overall performance, ie gas milege<?
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