2004 Acura TSX Questions

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Have a defective nav unit, don't use it but would like to have manuel ac controls
should i flush it all? or partially?..tks for your help
i need to know how many quarts are in the case,and also if i should use synthetic..tks
hi,my 2004 acura tsx has 166.000 miles,is it wise to adjust the valves?..tks
also in the am makes this awfull noise (engine) that is
well,with this high mileage would it be wise to do it??
My vsa light is on how much is for brake light switch
Our Acura TSX has over 100,000 miles on it. Three days ago it would not start that morning. We had it towed via AAA to a local repair shop. He thinks it may be the Drive belt. He wants to order the "kit". It would cost $500. He quoted a total of $800 including labor. However, after researching a couple of online part websites the chain itself is only $95. The total for a chain, cover gasket, chain tensioner, Guide rail and Tensioner Adjuster only came to $248. What is in a kit and is he trying to overcharge for the parts?
i need something not too loud just a lil noise .something that wont burn too much gas...
i think abs is not working on my car how can i find out about it
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