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recently purchased a 2006 Acura TL. took to have smog test certificate and it failed do to Evaporative monitoring ready status: not complete, As well as the Catalyst monitor ready status not compete
My tighten gas cap light is on and my tpm light is on. I replaced theg gas cap but it's on
The VSA light and a triangle with a exclamation symbol illuminates when I start my car. The car won't run right, until I turn the car off and restart it. Leaving the check engine light on. It also cuts off during down-shifting. Also, running the a/c for long periods of time, makes it run bad. Which also, makes the car cut off while driving. What could be causing these problems?
Started downing about 5 months ago about once week, last two weeks, it shuts down every time I drive it. Check engine light does not come on.
So do hazard lights and blower fan
It only does it when first crank up what's the problem just had catalytic converters change
Threw out the day it starts regular but in the mourning I turn key, everything comes on but it will take a second to start.
until i accelerated to 90 mph passing a car. she started missing a little during the acceleration and got worse during deceleration. it continued for the remainder of my trip home. after about 15 minutes i went outside to start her and she is missing all the time now and the check engine light is now flashing on and off. they had to replace a coil for one of the spark plugs that broke when they tried removing it. for the service they replaced the timing belt, pulley, water pump, checked the valves for adjustment (no adjustment needed), serpentine belt, spark plugs and one (1) coil that was broken. Any advice or diagnosis?? i sure don't want to damage her trying to get it back to the mechanic?? Thank you!!!!
Put batt on 2amp charge for bout 4hrs then reinstalled in car but still had no power so tried hookin charger to it again but when i do it max the amp gauge out and wires got hot. Only does it with car hooked up, what would cause this?
I click the button on the steering wheel to talk and say phone setup, but it just bring me to the regular setup menu
What those this mean and what parts is needed
Like traffic sigs alerts and finds although routes
Could deleting the muffler cause any computer problems because of the O2 sensor ? If so what kind of problems
when I turn the key I get one click, then totally dead, no interior lights at all, no other sounds. put in a new battery, still nothing... I've seen a lot of posts about the hands free link (hfl) draining the battery, but no one mentions if they have the same 'symptoms' so not sure if that's it...
Driving home from dealer, the car just stopped. wont move in or out of gear. Loud clunking sound from underneath.Tow truck driver said the piece i found on the ground looks like part of the right front axle/ bushing. Could the mechanic have forgotten something that caused this ?

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