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I've been researching how to replace the wheel studs on my 2005 acura tl and came across a few methods. I want to know if there is a way I can replace them without damaging or removing the splash shield which would also mean removing the entire hub from my understanding. I'm probably going to have to hammer these things out so if there's anything more that i can damage with that process please tell me so that i may avoid it.
So I drove the car all the week ' Sunday took some friends to Jason Deli and a mall. As we return and I turn of the car it just shutdown. A friend in the back seat ask me to open his door, as I use my master windshield to open it won't make any sounds. I put in the key again and it only shows very small and deem battery signal but no cranks. Called a friend with jumper cable, we tried no way. Weven thoughthe cable wasn't good so went to Walmart and got a new cable and jumper starter..applied them no signal at all. Another friend testers checked fues and said on two voltakes are in the inside panel. Outside one reading low too. There's absolutely no lights on dash board. No cranks, no signs of anything.

Thinking of battery but it's good..tried a jumper no way..thinking of alternator or starter but no lights at all.
I jumped my car incorrectly when the battery died and now after at least a week and a coupke battery recharges the fuse looks blown. I get absolutely no power interior or otherwise and the battery is good according to autozone. I've also replaced the negative battery cable and terminal with no result which led me to the fuse. As I said it looks blown and it's a weird 120A/70A fuse. I can get one from the dealer but I'd heard that replacing it could blow my whole engine. Is this true? Could I potentially ruin my entire electrical system or have I already done that?
I was driving and my air conditioner just popped on at full speed. I tried to turn the speed down but it did not allow me to. I also tried turning it off and it also would not let me turn it off. It continues to blow the whole time the car is running at max speed. It allows me to change the mode (defrost, feet , head, etc) but that is all.
I have been told its the control panel, motor resistor, and relay. I'm looking for second opinion
Where is the starter relay in the relay box? 2005 Acura tl
hoses have been changed,
cant find leak
coolant needs refill every 1-2 days
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I am idling for more than 5-10 minute
How long have you had this problem? more than 6 months
It was working intermittenly for a while. Then the battery was disconnect for another problem, ever since then it won't even load the softeare. Just shoes message (check disc).
Something is wrong with the transmission
late saturday night,returning home from a visit of 2 hours drive, I heard the sound as I was geting home. It gets louder when you move the steering wheel.
All the headlights and taillights randomly come on and off. When the car is turned off, the rear left tail light stays on. When you first start the car, the front left headlight flickers and then turns off, and then eventually all the lights turn off except the rear left taillight.
My TL will suddenly go from 4th to first while driving above 35 miles per hour
I have an issue. My tl is running good and driving fine. However, I just noticed as I'm driving the "D" in drive blinks green constantly as I'm driving. When i put my shift knob in park, the d in drive still was blinking green .I turned off my car then turned it back on and it went away. But if it comes back on what is the issue. I drive an automatic transmission by the way.
Replaced the battery and replaced the belt tensioner and made sure all my connection where tight could it be the alternator?
When im going anywhere between 20and 30 mph my transmission feels like im hitting rumbles strips for a couple seconds. This happens randomly
my drivers side door look button is unlokcing but not locking them. so i have to manually open each door an lock them before i go into work...its getting annoying. can i get some advice?
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