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Where is the starter relay in the relay box? 2005 Acura tl
hoses have been changed,
cant find leak
coolant needs refill every 1-2 days
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I am idling for more than 5-10 minute
How long have you had this problem? more than 6 months
It was working intermittenly for a while. Then the battery was disconnect for another problem, ever since then it won't even load the softeare. Just shoes message (check disc).
Something is wrong with the transmission
late saturday night,returning home from a visit of 2 hours drive, I heard the sound as I was geting home. It gets louder when you move the steering wheel.
All the headlights and taillights randomly come on and off. When the car is turned off, the rear left tail light stays on. When you first start the car, the front left headlight flickers and then turns off, and then eventually all the lights turn off except the rear left taillight.
My TL will suddenly go from 4th to first while driving above 35 miles per hour
I have an issue. My tl is running good and driving fine. However, I just noticed as I'm driving the "D" in drive blinks green constantly as I'm driving. When i put my shift knob in park, the d in drive still was blinking green .I turned off my car then turned it back on and it went away. But if it comes back on what is the issue. I drive an automatic transmission by the way.
Replaced the battery and replaced the belt tensioner and made sure all my connection where tight could it be the alternator?
When im going anywhere between 20and 30 mph my transmission feels like im hitting rumbles strips for a couple seconds. This happens randomly
my drivers side door look button is unlokcing but not locking them. so i have to manually open each door an lock them before i go into work...its getting annoying. can i get some advice?
Hi I bought my car not too long ago and I was driving and my car started jerking and misfiring. Every once and a while when I'm at a light it will idle weird like it wants to cuff off I was told the a/c idle valve needed to be clean but my engine light,Vsa, and my little triangle light were on. I think my car goes into save mode when all of these lights turn up because my car will not rev over 3,000rpm. I usally pull over and turn the car off and turn it back on and just the engine light will appear and the triangle and Vsa go away I took it today and had my check engine for codes. MAP(p0108) and camshaft sensor(p0344) i think it will resolve the problems if I have my map and camshaft replaced. If anyone knows how much labor is for both parts? I know where to get and have them installed how much is labor? Also if I want to merge with traffic fast it will jerk and not want to go quick
Took battery out to change starter. Must have left it out to long. Everything works on the car but the following.
Air Conditioning will not turn on. Heat will not turn on. Fans will not turn on. Defrost will not turn on. Lights on climate control dash are not on. This is not a coolant issue. I believe the ATC Module needs reset. Anyone know the codes? Or must the Dealer do this.
Crank sensor is good, battery is good,starter is good
For example: when trying to parallel park. I have zero power to the power steering - it seems to revert back to manual steering. It takes all my strength to turn the wheel at that point...
If I drop into neutral and rev the engine, the power steering "returns" and I can turn the wheel. There are no problems with the power steering when the car is running at normal street/highway speeds.
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