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I removed the driver side seat to do some repairs on it. After I had reinstalled it, the SRS light is 'on'. I have removed it and rechecked all the electrical connections. They all appear to be in good order. I plugged in a code reader. I got code p1456 to do with emissions and vapour pressure leak. I am of the opinion that the code reading has nothing to do with SRS light. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. However, the SRS light is still on. I am looking for a way to get that light to go 'off'. Can someone offer an idea of what I could have done to cause this? I think that the problem is related to the seat being removed and reinstalled.
what is the cost, and the process involved?
I had my transmission rebuilt but the check engineand the tcs light are on. The D5 light is flashing. The code is p0715. The shop said I need a new computer or have the one I have reflashed. Is this true
Does a 2003 acura tl automatic have a trans cooler and lines to flush? All i see are power steering lines that run through the rack and pinion into the transaxle.
Which cylinder is the number two on the acura six cylinder
if the passenger side motor mount is bad, will the other 2 motor mounts go bad soon?
My windshield wipers continue to operate even when i set the switch to off. I need to pull the car over and turn it off in order for the wipers to stop. The service rep mentioned it could be related to the motor (estimate of $400 incl. labor). Is there anything I can check to verify if it is the motor or just an issue with the wiper relay? Is this something that should be handled by the dealership?
Need oe part numbers for 2 speed sensors mounted on transmission 2003 acura 3.2tl a/t
I need the Honda part numbers for the 2 speed sensors mounted on the transmission--2003 Acura 3.2tl 19uua56683a032623
whats is the cost to install struts
I disconnected my acura car battery and i loss my radio code
can u help me with the code?.Serial # is bd017393.
I purchased a 2003 TL-S model Acura last week and attempted
to place a CD in changer and received ER-E1 message. What should I do to play CDS?
What is the cost to replace.

a] 2 motor mounts?

b] 2 brake pads?
I have a 2003 acura TL. today the acc relay fuse blew and continue's to blow. any sugestions?
you can contact me by e-mail (
cost to replace transmission fluid?
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