2003 Acura TL Questions

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I have to keep flipping signal several times and hope that it comes on or it may hazard light or signal may come on unexpectedly for about 2-3 seconds and then goes out.
I disconnected the battery, and the radio to get cd stuck in it and connected them back and now no power
I have a 2003 Acura tl, car needed a boost so now the radio is locked. The serial number is U3001 L5699
d- code PO700, PO753,PO10, shift valve a failure, low hold switch failure THANK YOU! SARAH
have oil leak, oil spray and a hiss and check engine light
One week after I had the oil changed from the Acura dealer my car acted strange: 1st incident occur was when driving on the highway over 65 miles, the car started to shake and started to lose speed when accelerated speed would not pick up. Restarted the engine then car was drivable for about approximately 3 days of the incident then the same problem occur this time the engine light came on and now the car is not drivable but starts up no problem.
Remote R/F door lock stopped working. Remote trunk lock works intermittently.
Is it located in key?
Trunk switch in left door operates all the time
Trunk lock button on drivers door work all the time
i need a new or overhauled transmission acura already dignosised it but won't fix this constant issue i am having with it and i am not paying 5000 dollars for a 3000 dollar car

The car won't shift right
low beam headlight does not go on even after replacing old bulb
find the fuild coming out of bellhousing cover
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