2003 Acura TL Questions

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The car can be running fine and lose power while in motion so I parked, turned it off for about 20 min turned it back on out it in gear and it ran fine but pulled when put into gear.
while driving the power steering goes out and gets stiff and tight ,steering wheel become hard to turn and then resumes to normal
Car won’t start but it sounds like it’s trying to turn over. The battery is good and it has gas. What should I do?
Should I But Or Not
Is it common in the2003 acura tl water leaks behind front passenger seat
do i need any other seals or gaskets besides the rear crank seal i know i have to drop tranny to get to it so might need tranny or half shaft seals dont know
I was going to add some ac coolant this summer but when I hooked it up the gauhe said it was over charging so I didn't put any in. I have no heat and no air conditioning but the blower fan is blowing air out.
it started last week and is getting worse
My car stop going in park it got stuck yesterday but I kept working with it it finally went in park.This morning it wouldn't go in park again can u help me
Please help me out, I tried calling the offices but they're closed
I changed my battery an now its saying I need a code
Should I put straight water in now to make up for not mixing it prior to putting it in?
Also a wable sound of front driver side wheel .but wheel is not wabbling tcs & abs lights on??what could that be my be bearing ,tierod ??
When cpming to a light I hear a clicking noise in the front brakes I believe. Acura said to replace rotors and brake shoes which I did, still have same problem. My main concern is when coming to a stop at a light, the Light turns green I hit the gas and I feel a rumble strip like feel coming from the front, Acura says it was the left axle which I replaced still the same problem took it to Acura again they still say left axle could anyone please help tell me what the problem could be?
Also have a MASSIVE steering fluid leak. Trying to get any idea if this is common with these cars. Trying to decide wether to fix or trash it, thanks!
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