2002 Acura TL Questions

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It was working fine prior to just having it in the shop for brake work and timing belt. Now,no chimes when I leave headlights on, turn car off and step out of the car.
Don't drive it everyday. Recently, I stopped at a light and it just killed. It will start fine then it starts idling after 5min - real high,then low constantly.
started about 2 months ago. i changed the spark plugs 7 months ago, i dont know what else to change or do
The light on my radio is burn down Is it easy to fix it or do I have to take to the dealer?
left front wheel area squeaky
My 2002 TL's SRS light is on after the head light repair by the dealer. When I brought the car to dealer, the technichian told me the SRS sensor is mulfunctioning. He told me they would fix it for free because the SRS system is on recall. But after they got the ordered part, another person told me the sensor and the mechanical parts in the seat are bad. And told me that since the recall is expired I have to pay for the repair about 1200 dollars. I don't want to spent that much money witout knowing they are right. I am not sure if they are honest because they told us mislealing information previously when they repaired the head light. Any suggestion? Is there anything I can check my self. I am not a mechanic but have reasonable knowledge in electricity and used to repair my cars years ago.
Thanks. Peter
on my Acura when I go to use my heat or ac nothing happens and I checked some things on my own and all the fueses are good and the blower resistor is still good but nothing happens at all when I turn on the ac/heat also the car was made in Canada but I live in the us if that helps at all
Car runs fine...shifts smoothlyin ALL gears but shows Code P0740 . Freeze data shows problem occurred at 97kmh or 60 mph. ECT was 84C. what do you suggest? Transmission fluid pink but a little dirty
My Acura 2002 TL left head ligth is dead need to replece the bulb or ligth element whatever the name is and can't find any intructions, can anybody directme to the right pad to information? or give some tips to doit.

Thank you in advance.
i broke the on/off button for my audio system. It attaches to the main computer board. can it be repaired or do i need to replace whole unit
The caR oveRheated this weekend on the way back fRom a tRip. I would like to know what the estimated pRice would be to change the motoR.
My problem is that I tryed to start the car with the inition key, turn it all the ligths on the dash board are on but the engine wont turn, try another key to make sure the key still works same result, try my remote starter and engine turn and runs fine as long the key is inserted in the inition switch, do I need to replace the inition switch??

thank you for your responces.
code p0780 does any bodywhat it means?
On random occassions the upsidedown triangle with an explanation point lights up, as well as my check engine & VSA dash lights. When I run the scanner I get code PO135. I have already replaced the main1 CO2 sensor & the scanner shows all my levels are right. Can anyone tell me what is going on I'm at a total loss...
spark plug fireing order for acura tl 3.2
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