2000 Acura TL Questions

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I have a water leak somewhere causing my floor on the drivers side to be soaked 24/7. It's worse when it rains.
Anyone have this problem and any ideas on how to fix.
How do I fix this?
I have a 2000 Accura TL V6 now at repair shop for 3rd time. Has new battery. Alternator/charging system checked, Satarter and system checked. No problem are parts have been replaced but battery still goes down, especially when driveing with a/c on or in stop & go conditions, short trips , etc. Will jump start easy. This is a year long problem. I would appreciate your input.
2 transmission replaced in March 2004. Transmission just went yesterday at 140K miles. Is it still under warranty?
right side head light is out ,shall i check fuse first&where can i find fuse
Garage that did maintenance did not turn off signal
I want to andd Lucas ATF Conditioner to this car. It says do not use in vehicles equipped with CVT transmissions
What is the normal process to replace the cabin/air conditioner air filter?
codes P1399 and PO301 I've replaced the EGR valve and the spark plugs but the car still miss firing
Check engin light is on. I have the error code p1705 eny ditails on where this problem may be?
does anyone know where i can get disc for gps system with mexico map on it ?
If the restior fails will the compressor turn off
my local shop has pulled codes p305 and p307. I've previously had coils replaced on this car (not sure which ones) Can anyone suggest other possible causes:

Head gasket
EGR Port Dirty
Spark Plugs
Coil Packs

Many thanks
the problem occurs when driving the vehicle,sometimes it shivers or jerks.That is the only problem ,do you think it can break b/c of that transmission problem.
Fan quit blowing/working. Checked the fuses & relays, all are ok. Now what ? I could use a wiring schematic to locate, unplug and test blower motor in the car. What color wires and/or where is the plug/conector located ?
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