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heater from blowing hot air? WINGMAN LUBE M.F. TX> left my hood open during an oil change it blew OPEN DOING 70mph, lots of expense cant afford repair bill right now. Please help Im FREEEEEEZING
It used to be getting 25-26 miles per gallon. And I used premium gas (91 octane). What's wrong?
it has a battery that is only 10 months old and a new alternator...any ideas what could be causing this new problem of not starting? When I put the key in and turn it, I get nothing.
Drivers side floor board wet. Especially when it rains.
Checked for sunroof leak as well as windshield and window. Floor board still wet.
I had to replace the powering steering hose. Since the replacement, I am hearing a loud sound from the powering steering when driving. The mechanic said air has gotten into the pump causing the noise. The age and the mileage are leaving me doubtful to put a great deal of money repairing the car. Is it worth the investment?
Only things is slight stall when I come to a complete stop and gas mileage is horrible codes being thrown are bad o/2 ssensor bank 1 sensor 1 and transmission range sensor but car shifts fine..
That is followed by my tcs light when I start driving engine almost stalls wen I come to a complete stop
I have been able to start it by by-passing park, putting it in neutral, pumping brakes and gas, moving steering wheel back and forth all while turning the key. At some point during this madness, something catches and it starts. Many coffee's spilled in/on shift area, due to poor cup holder design. I bought an electrical cleaner (fast drying), but cant get the shift ball off in order to really get in there to clean it. What else could this be? Thanks in advance for any/all help.
1) Radley Acura said it was free to check the brakes while your recommended shop said it would cost $59.
2) The issue with the brakes is that the ABS pumping action starts sooner than normal(I feel it only in the brake pedal as opposed to anywhere else)
3) The issue with the transmission is that while shifting (automatically) there is a slight speed up between gears which I have not felt before.
Both I can live with but I was wondering if it is something I should get checked out immediately. The brakes were changed less than 1,000 miles ago and were fine until today (as were the belts throughout the car). Of course since I drive infrequently (42,400 miles on the car) there is a lot of time where the car is standing still so 1,000 miles ago is quite a number of months.
Acura 2000 TL
where. is it located?

How do you change it?

car will start at times - then others will crank over but not start. wait a whike 1 hour or so and will uselly start.sometimes will go days and start everytime.have replaced main relay and fuel pump still does it --help anyone
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